Friday, June 13, 2008

Flashback Friday June 13

Miami Beach Florida...we (well I) thought we had died and gone to heaven. Christmas on the beach, a wonderful experience of seeing how the rich lived (in those days) and a good vacation despite the loooong drive south from Maryland.

The elegant me (at least in my own head) at a motel right on the ocean. I 'm not sure that this kind of low budget place still exists - ocean front i.e.

Dec 1955 Pool

and the windblown me with fish found on the beach after a storm. Sooo brave...

Dec 1955 Fish


Lobster and swan said...

This is you? how fabulous!

Thanks for stopping by my page : )

I Hadn't planned to spend my weekend on the floor but luckily I'm adaptable!

sosser said...

love these shots! what a wonderful adventure you had :)

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