Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Color, Color...play with Color

I saw this color "game" over on How About Orange and it was fun and not silly imho. Some of the questions really made me think.

They say I am ...

They are for those who crave space and a clean canvas on which to display beloved objects; or for those who long for a clear, sunlit expanse. White is about purity, elegance and simplicity and in all of our variations, the infusion of light is key.

While the majority of my house is not white, it is a creamy yellow, and light was the primary thing on my mind when we renovated. I wanted clean light space. I think Pittsburgh Paints has me nailed.

My secondary is...

It's a weekend in the countryside, the smell of freshly cut grass, or fresh basil growing on your kitchen windowsill. A friendly color, green symbolizes renewal and embodies our thoughts of springtime. Need I note that I already have a forest green bedroom???

Test it out, and see what suggestions they make for you and how much they confirm some of your color choices.

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three buttons said...

I will have to have a go at that! I've painted all my walls crisp white.

I did create the illustration add-ons into my pictures on my blog. I used both Illustrator and Photoshop.

Firstly I hand drew my illustrations, then I scanned them in. Then I placed them in Illustrator and hit auto trace. I then changed the colour to white.

Next I copied the illustration and pasted onto my photo in Photoshop.

I'm not to sure how you go about creating your own illustrations without using Creative Suite programs. I hope that helps!

Angela xx

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