Monday, May 19, 2008

This is I recycle

A bit late but I thought I had done this post and scheduled it to post yesterday. I guess I thought about that more than doing it. ;-) This week's theme came from Angela's Mum. Thanks Mum!

Nothing exotic here, but I think we made a really neat spot for the daily bits and scraps that end up going out back to the compost pile. We designed that pull out drawer to use Ikea Trofast bins - the drawer front is a standard Ikea one from the rest of the renovation. The cutout board holding it, slots thru two simple slots on each side of the cabinet frame. I thought of putting a door on the standard waste bin section below, but figured why mess with simple.

We use very few bottles or cans, so they aren't recycled - yet. The newspapers and most large paper items are stored in the hall closet , well the dining room closet, in a wine crate that has rope handles. (I made these all by my lonesome almost 20+years ago!!). All that paper goes out weekly including the paper that goes into a tray by each of our computers.

Fairly current magazines go to the local hospital on about a monthly basis, and I have made it a goal to go through some of my old hoards and pass them on also. I decided to go through some cooking mags and sort them by month rather than year, so I can take 'appropriate' ones each month to the hospital. If I get some that are cut up a bit too much, they can still go with a note that they are for the psychiatric section where they continue to be used for art therapy.

Other working household stuff that does not go to one of the best charity shops near us, the Lutheran Mission,

often gets put on freecycle. The problem there is I find great stuff incl boxes of magazines asking to but cut up. I often share my 'wealth' with my Artist Way group if I can.

Books that we read usually come from used book stores, and when we are done with them, if they don't go onto a friend, go into boxes to be taken to one of the biggest book sales around us Stone Ridge Book Sale . Besides the tax benefit we get, we can usually find time to go to one of the wonderful restaurants in Bethesda.

Recycling is picked up at the curb weekly but it isn't sorted, nor is there any penalty for not recycling. :-( In time that will come I believe, esp after seeing my friend in Maine's major recycling works.

I hope this gives you an idea or two...and I look forward to checking what others do to recycle. Angela over at Three Buttons has a list of regulars if you want to see more ideas about recyling.


Jenaveve said...

Great ideas here - especially with the magazines. I generally put them in the recycle bin however I like the idea that other's can use them first, for things like art therapy.

.girl ferment. said...

great recycling ideas. totally love your kitchen scrap draw, so it is pushed away out of sight and sense of smell.

Maureen said...

Thanks gf..and the best part is that I have 4 bins and always have clean back ups. Thank god for Ikea!

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