Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A phrase to make my heart ache

She shrugged. "Fine with me." She and I headed over to Surfas to get some chocolate and when we returned, she made herself a rum and coke while I started on the dessert.

No, no, not the 'rum and coke'. Surfas! Ah Surfas. If you EVER get to Los Angeles, and like food,

do not hesitate. Go to Surfas.

The rest of the post is pretty darn good too...well, only if you like Chocolate Pots de Creme.

WellFed is the blog, well fed indeed! the gentleman has some knockout simple but great food. Check him out.


Mrs.Q said...

mmmmm! I'm not sure I should be looking at that chocolate before breakfast!

Maureen said...

Come back and have a look at night. Does that work?!??!

mill said...

Gosh looking at all of your posts is making me soo hungry. All I have had to eat today is 1 banana, 2 mandarins and a VERY small chicken/veg wrap (it was free at the high risk meeting but the food was meant to be for the doctors so I limited myself to one :(

Anonymous said...

I keep scrolling past this post really fast so it can't tempt me! >_<

Christie said...

Oh No! I was in LA last week & I LOVE food! darn it....next time....

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