Friday, May 9, 2008

Flashback Friday May 9

Today I'll share a few family pics that have been on the computer for a bit.

My Uncle Joe was someone I never met but I'd say if I'd met him as a young woman ...well, he was darn good looking. He died in India at the end, in fact just after the end, of WWII. Pretty tragic - his plane flew into a mountainside and his remains weren't brought back until 4? 5? years later. He and my Aunt Florence had one son who was two months younger than I was. We fought a lot. ;-) My Aunt Florence never remarried, but was always a fun loving woman but sadly died in her 50s? of Alzheimers.

Joe and Florence( right) w/friends

Here is another pic of them with another couple - possibly in Atlantic City or nearby as they lived in Pennsylvania. I would say it was in the early 40s. Of my mother's siblings who survived childhood, my Uncle Joe was the only one who kept his blond hair.

Joe Florence swim

Pre-war, my uncle worked as a tree trimmer and did a lot of work in upstate NY. This could have been there or in PA or even on their honeymoon?? No notes, and no one left to ask...

Now we go later into the 1940s with a pic of my father taken somewhere in Europe. This is either Sept 17 of 1944 or 1945.

Daddy @  Red Cross - Europe 1944?

And here is the back of the picture with my father's notes. In looking at it after all these years, I found it funny that he commented on his squinting. My first husband was a squinter too! (click to read more easily)

Back Red Cross picture

Happy Vintage weekend to all!


mill said...

WOW your Uncle Joe was HOT! I bet he was popular with the ladies ;)

Maureen said...

I know my mother adored her older brother and I suspect he was quite a catch. I think he and my Aunt had a short but happy marriage.

alexandra said...

Those photos look all so glamorous.. They had a real knack for making even the mundane look stellar back then. Wow. I loved looking at these gorgeous shots and the accompanying stories!

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