Tuesday, May 13, 2008

On My Desk...the other desk

Well since I will miss the May 14 On My Desk, I think I will show you some of the stuff we've had that come from my ground floor "desk". i.e. the kitchen islands

The whole weekend has been rain rain rain, with a not too badly flooded cellar. DH tells me we had a whole month's worth of rain in the past 3 days. One day last week, I made iced coffees, it was so nicely warm, and then...bam..on go the fireplaces again. I will say it one more time - As much as I was against converting our wood fireplace to gas, I think it is an idea made in heaven. Click! heat! and some flames to look at. We have a little Jotul in the kitchen and our cat Sebastian has totally bonded to it. He cries to have it on!

But I digress. Food. Back to warming, stick to the ribs food.

So we've had this last night...good food, but almost no natural light left at 6 p.m.

Beef Goulash with Pierogis

And this earlier...I finally got a mosaic done, tho not after a lot of work trying to do one on my own. Thank you big huge labs, and thank you Madhur Jaffrey. That cauliflower recipe has been a fave over about 30 years and this time, I added chicken to it for this curry.

3 step Dinner

These stuffed peppers were a snack for the man of the house, but the leftover filling that made tiny, steamed meatballs convinced me that this is one "I" like just as much.

Stuffing Peppers

And just to remind us that the sun does shine, did shine, and will shine again, here is our boy in his newest hideyhole. (See the cat on the chair on the right? Not MY chair.)

Safety of Small Places

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BigCat said...

The fur children always find the best sunny spots.

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