Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On My desk..May 7

On My desk..May 7
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A clean table...I finally feel as if my sorting and shuffling is having some effect. This is the tall table and it's the one that has tended to have the most clutter on it, obviously making it hard to do anything creative on it.

The photo, if you click on it, has many notes, but the main project I am working on in the next couple of days will be the two postcards for the SwapBot exchange. Some of the other things are just there cause the left end of the table is where I put things to go downstairs or to the post office.

I have a newsletter to write today and tonight and when I get that off the computer table, I can work on the tabbing of my textbooks. Mary, who organizes the local Jin Shin Jutysu classes, is so very good at making visual teaching aids. She does all this on her own, and is good enough to share her techniques and ideas with our study group. I love you and your talent Mary!!

Ok, less 'puter time today, and back to the fun work. Motto...don't read about it, Do It !!

btw, yesterday was a day of cooking. The kitchen island is my MAIN being a bit of a necessity in life, esp in the life of my dh.

More desks can be found on Kootoyoo's blog . Isn't it fun to see what we all are doing??

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BigCat said...

You have lots of interesting projects on the go and are still managing to keep a tidy desk. Most impressive.

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