Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On my desk...May 21

On my desk...May 21
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Not too much going on -on the desk. As I was just back from the time in Boulder some of it reflects the purse emptying. You can click the pic to read the notes.

I was really happy to find a place that sold crystals and got my granddaughter a small moon for her room, and the little charms of Buddhist principles for my daughter. I hope I can get them mailed tomorrow.

The postcards were not what I had in mind for the Quote themed swap but I saw a template over at Designer Digitals and I thought ok, I'm gonna try my hand at the Photoshop (elements) one more time. I'm kind of worried that I cannot figure out how to drag and drop pics as all sorts of instructions say to do. But I got this done, and am content with it. Now I just need to put some backing on it since I feel the cardstock is too thin to mail.

And I got my tabbing done on the JinShinJutsyu book which is good since I am off to study group this am. I look forward to seeing other desks this afternoon. If YOU want to see more, go over to Kootoyoo for a list of players.

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