Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Note the flowers in the Banner

Just a note today that "them's there my peonies " - getting ready to pop. They were in the ground about 3+ years before they appeared as flowers, and darn it , they are not a color I love. Too bad...I'll appreciate what I've got, esp with the long incubation time!! I thought it was time to add a touch of spring to this blog.

I hope I don't miss the flowering with an upcoming trip. The cherry blossom out front bloomed while I was in the 5-day class, and I only saw it coming and going at the ends of the day. Then it rained. Then the ground was covered with matted flowers. Then they dried, and I am still trying to brush them off the bricks and walk.

Mother Nature has a sense of humor!


CurlyPops said...

Hi Maureen, I couldn't find your email address so I'm commenting instead! The little animal on the swap card is a bandicoot!

Maureen said... there's one that's new to me!

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