Saturday, May 10, 2008

For My Australian Friends

This was at the bottom of a junk email about Pet RX very bizarre.

cockroach Racing
It started in a parking garage. Two men had been arguing all night about their roaches. Drunk and Australian, they decided that the only way to determine who truly possessed ˜the fastest roaches in Brisbane was to retreat to a local parking garage. To the cheers of inebriated fans, they held a race. No one really remembers who won. This is how cockroach racing was born. Every year, in a glorious feat of Australian absurdity, roaches are now raced to the cheers of thousands. The roaches are actually introduced, as at a boxing match, until a bin of them is overturned in the middle of a circle. And at the signal, the box is raised, and these panicked pests make a break for it. The way that Australians figure it, the cockroaches are just as much a part of their culture as kangaroos or koalas - maybe even moreso. At least with roaches, everybody has one. And besides, a cockroach race is a good excuse to drink. It is, therefore, a brilliant idea. Performance-enhancers like coffee, sugar and wine are banned. And anyone who argues with the rules is deemed simply, ˜Not very Australian at all.

Is this for real???


mill said...

Cockroach racing is real! They do it at the Storey Bridge Hotel here in Brisbane ;) I've never been myself cos cockroaches wig me out.

Hannah said...

Yep, it's definitely real. We passed through an outback pub many years ago, and one of their highlights on their noticeboard was cockroach racing. Eww! The ugly things just creep me out too!

Serena said...

Aussies tend to race everything like that.. they do this also with snails, cane toads.... probably more occurs in the rural and regional areas than the cities.

djbebe said...

Easier to race cockroaches on the bar than kangaroos. You don't even have to put your beer down. We also race cane toads, and frogs.

Maureen said...

Well...I truly thought this was a put-on story. Gulp.

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