Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On my desk...April 23

JSJ session
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Nothing at home for me this week. I am taking a 5 day course in JinShinJyutsu, which is a form of hands on energy work.

This picture shows Janie, in yellow working with Mary on the table over at Janie's house. Janie is the practitioner I go to weekly, and it feels sooo sooo good. One of the nicest things about the class I'm taking is that we have 3-Hands On sessions each day - 1 person on the table, and two working on/with that person. Talk about mellow by the time class closes.

You stay fully clothed, on your back with the practitioner just touching various points on your body. If this sounds like something that would interest you, check the JinShinJyutsu link for further information. The modality is done world wide.

More desks at Kootoyoo's list .

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Linnea said...

My good friend has taken a class in this, it is such a neat practice.

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