Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Time Trio Giveaway

Time Trio
Originally uploaded by redazadi

Ok, now that I've done my cleanup, I am offering these to anyone who comments and is interested between now and Wednesday April 16. I know there are people who use such things in crafts but I'm not one. One prob has some gold, and one has a fascinating faceplate but I wouldn't plan on telling time with any....

Sebastian, who you may know as our Ancient Siamese, loves to do these drawings.. So delurk, and comment.


cloud9 said...

De-lurk, ha ha, I like that one!

Leni and Rose said...

I'm in! I actually collect time pieces and try to pick up a piece whenever I travel! I've never been to Annapolis before, these could be the first watches from somewhere I've never been! I love hearing the different stories behind them as well.

Cooking My Life said...

Well these are yours Michelle. An email is whizzing across the world to you. ;-)

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