Sunday, April 13, 2008

This perfect dinner party guest list

This week's theme comes from Lily and Agatha.

I have to say this one has had me stumped all week. I don't do dinner parties anymore, probably because I have a dh who works from home and so while I love to cook, I am doing more 'daily' cooking than I ever have. Plus, as life has gone on, I think I'd rather just have dinner with people I know and like. In the end, I came down to the decision that if I HAD to have a dinner party, it would be an open buffet with lots of the women I like. Mostly women in their 60s but a bunch of 40 yr olds thrown in. Talk would be REAL even tho there would be plenty of fluff to get the laughter going. And yes, in the end, as it usually is...there would be 'laugh till you wet your pants' howling about the perennial

What do they say???? "If you didn't laugh, you'd have to cry."

The food? Well, I've gone thru the vegetarian friends, the gluten free friends, so far no one who kept kosher but I suspect I'd make about 3 entrees, chicken, fish and vegetarian with a big salad...and choc raspberry bars and lemon bars. If it came down to only 6 coming, I'd FINALLY make molten lava cakes and have ice cream and homemade caramel sauce or dulce as a backup.

Now that I know... I oughta just DO this! (and yes it would help if I could spell Silliness.....)


Sasparilla Sue said...

I like your idea for a dinner party. It sounds like lots of cozy fun. And molten lava cakes...yum!

AnastasiaC said...

sounds like a fun party and the molten lava cakes are a great finish to any meal!!

Lilli boo said...

I think that this is a great idea..I am a big fan of the older woman..especially Mum and her friends..they certainly get better with age!..combined with your menu...I think I might have to gate crash!

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