Monday, April 28, 2008

This favorite book

Dees came up with an intriguing subject for the weekly meme, This favorite book.

I usually don't have the kind of favorite that I read again and again but two stand out in my mind. This one was a present for my 10th birthday - The Secret Garden by Frances Hogdson Burnett. I still have my copy, a 1949 Lippincott edition.

I certainly identified with little Mary and her "I Won't!" attitude. and later lived in Yorkshire and read it again there having a full appreciation of the 'invigorating' Yorkshire air. Later, living in SE Asia I could imagine Mary's early days of being cared for by servants. I know I've seen more than one of the film/tv adaptations and recently had a fine time seeing it on cable. I felt like Mary was a lot snittier in the book!

While living in England, I was happily near a library which was full of authors unknown to me, and I made some of my initial selections by scanning which one of them had a lot of books. I figured that if I liked the author I had a treasure trove; if not, I had one section already crossed off. I think that is how I first selected Laurie Lee. His Cider with Rosie became one of my favorites, read more than once while in England, and one which went around the world with me for a long time. While that copy is now gone, I now have this version which I found in a US used book store. I plan to read it again next winter...somehow it seems like a cozy, winter read to me...perhaps bringing back memories of England so long ago.

Want to see more faves?? check out the list of players over at Three Buttons who is good enough to maintain the list.


Sasparilla Sue said...

I love The Secret Garden, I forgot all about that book!! I know, how could I? Thanks for the reminder!

BigCat said...

I love The Secret Garden too. It is a magical story. The more blogs I read, the more books I find to add to may favourites list. How could there ever be just one hey?

CameoRoze said...

I try to read The Secret Garden every spring! It's sitting on my headboard now ... though I've not started reading it yet this year.

Cameo @-->-->---

Lilli boo said...

Oh yes the Secret Garden is a beautiful book. Thank you for reminding me of it..I must get a copy too....

Anonymous said...

HI, thanks for leaving me a comment
I also loved The Secret Garden - and had forgotten all about it till I saw your post....Such a beautiful,sweet story....Another one to re- read.

Linnea said...

That is so special that you still have your copy! I have not read that book in a while, I think I need to pick it up at the library today.

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