Tuesday, April 29, 2008

sausage and pierogi

sausage and pierogi
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Still cool in the evening (thank you god/des!!) so dinner tonight was a hearty one. Sausage from the Amish market in onion gravy (love to be able to poof some crockpotted onions from the freezer), sauerkraut pierogi that we bought out in Chicago, and fresh cauli with buttered red pepper, and spring onions from our neighbors' garden. Oh I even decided to add buttered bread crumbs to the pierogi. What you don't see is a good dollop of greek yoghurt on my pierogi.

Full enough to do without dessert which is just as well, as I made none. ;-) Thought dh would be all day at Jury Duty but he came home by noon. Why that stopped me from making a dessert I don't know....

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Julie said...

Looks yummy. I'd love to see some pics of the Amish market.

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