Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On my desk... April 2

On my desk... April 2
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Ok, this is part 1...lots of sorting out to do and today is the START. Maybe if I get on a roll, there will be a part 2, showing more wood. ;-)

More desks at Kootoyoo's list .


Dawn Alice Rogers said...

I can totally relate to your desk! My computer desk looks just like kids crayons and school artwork! I haven't seen the wood under my art desk tablecloth in months. I'm ok with it though.

Chris Worthy said...

Hey, you took my desk. :) Thanks for your thoughts on my homeschooling saga. We will have to compare college notes! Have a great day!

mill said...

Wow that looks a bit like my desk at the end of the week (I like cleaning up the bits of paper on the weekend when I have time - and by cleaning up I mean piling them into a neat pile still unsorted ;) )

BigCat said...

Hi Maureen

I've just tagged you. Play along if you would like to.

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Now you have an excuse for not cleaning up. Play tag instead.

little red said...

You wrote you need something springy on your desktop? Cute stuff here -

Maureen said...

Lovely yellow print...thanks!
Tess McCabe Metremade

little red said...

Look up on the top left of the page, there's more!

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