Friday, April 4, 2008

Janie and PeepsArt

50th post! So something special...

Janie, in addition to being a friend, is my JinShinJytsu practitioner and the one who led me on my own journey into this fascinating energy work. When I participated in her journaling sessions, she always encouraged doodling. AAAAArrrrgggghhh I thought AND said. I don't doodle!! And even today, I really don't. I write but I don't doodle.

Janie finally told me the story of her frustration in a class in seminary (yes seminary!) and how she just kept doodling. This was a new habit for her also, and in the years to come, it became a regular habit. From these doodles, the cards were born and a great deal of the revenue from the cards goes into local charities when there is a connection that clicks.

Above is one of my favorites but you can see many of her works at her website. Note that it is PeepsArt not Peep Art. There is a world of content difference!

Just the other day I was showing Janie some of the wonderful things made by crafters and sold on line, often in Etsy. She said she was soooo happy to see women continuing to engage in this kind of thing - the creative spark still flourishes despite the constraints of work and family for younger women. Janie calls herself Old Bird by the Bay, but age is relative. ;-) Enjoy her stuff!

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Nan said...

Wow, that is really cool! Thanks for sharing, I am a born doodlebug, can't talk on the phone with out a pen or pencil and paper to keep my hands busy, sometimes I take bits of the conversation and turn it into a picture, it's fun, but never anything I considered art work! LOL, now I will have to look at it in a different way! Thanks again for the inspirations!

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