Thursday, April 17, 2008

best friends -about 1954

about 1954 best friends
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The threads on vintage photos have given me an incentive to make Thursdays a day when I spend at least 30 min on the old ones.

This one taken from about 1954 is interesting in that it's in a little metal frame. Summer, few cares ...well that's not true...but that's why we were friends. We shared family secrets with each other.

Moi on right, Mary Ellen on me said as one word...Marellen. ;-)


Marysol said...

M, you were both adorable. And even if you hadn't mentioned which one you were in the picture, I would've recognized you in an instant, by the warm smile. It's unmistakable.

Maureen said...

Marysol is as sweet as her goodies. Take a looksee at what she cooks - and droool.

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