Monday, April 21, 2008

Back to the Kitchen

she said gladly.

Yes, I do like to cook, and today I kind of started back into the groove. Trouble is, we have a bunch of good leftovers and dh could eat for a week on those. Hmmmm...

But, a quick one for us tonight as I was finishing up a bunch of postcards for SwapBot today. I used to belong to a postcard exchange on a now defunct community site and it was a lot of fun. Back then, I couldn't conceive of Making A Postcard or even pimping one out. But now older and willing to be more foolish, I have moved into the realm of silly and fun. Gotta remember to scan them, tho terribly unique they're not. I realized I wouldn't have much time in the next week to make the May 1 deadline.

But dinner you say? Wasn't that the topic? Oh right.

Poofed (pulled out of the freezer) a packet of pork that I had precut in bits for curry.
Pork Curry

Then made some raita...just for me. Dh wouldn't voluntarily choose to eat any plain yoghurt.
coriander raita

Put it together and we had dinner. About a 30 min meal and yummy yummy yummy. A good bit of nice heat on a chilly rainy day. (Enlarge this pic to see a note...)
Pork Curry & Raita

Dessert? Well dh was so pleased (he does love a curry) that he was willing to go out and get some vanilla ice cream for Root Beer Floats. No pics cause we slurped them right down. Then a telly night with (recorded last night) My Boy Jack which moved us both to tears. This should be required watching for the fool in the White House.

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