Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What's been Cookin'

Well since everyone who posted said they'd cook up a storm in my kitchen, I felt almost like getting back in the groove. Somehow we haven't eaten as much and the fridge is plagued with leftovers. But dh has been out a lot and so there they sit. Even dinners seem to have been leftovers. I had cleaned out the fridge before Spain/Portugal but here we are again. Lingering leftovers

Last Sat we had a brunch and I did finally lose my Habanero Cheese Bite Virginity. They are sooo easy and sooo good. But knowing the crowd that was coming, I didn't use the Habanero Gold Jelly from Canning Camp. (OH, does dh love that stuff!) With a sweet pepper jelly (bought) they were good, but not great. Here's the dough, cut and rolled.

After they bake 5 min, you make a dent and then fill them with the jelly. I poked/dented the first batch with a large chopstick.

But then realized that the chopstick was not wide enough. I settled on the little oil stopper for batch 2.

The jelly in a plastic baggie for piping in

And the first batch finished. The 2nd looked better because the dents were larger and the bites then held more jelly. Out of 80+ we have about 10 left.

And till I think of a better way to do recipes (OPEN TO SUGGESTION) I will link them. Habanero Bites

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RheLynn said...

mmmmm jam tarts! What a wonderful set of photos!

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day - wanted to reciprocate then but had computer issues that night.

I'll be checking back in later!

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