Sunday, March 30, 2008

This is...the contents of my purse

Sharon suggested this week's meme theme. (good rhyme there)And of course the great instigator is ThreeButtons.

Not a lot you say? no, I've tried to lighten my purse, since I almost never carry it unless I am in my car.
So...wallet, glass case free from Talbots, cell phone, and some lingering receipts from Lisbon.

I had been carrying a larger purse that I thrifted in on our recent trip to Chicago, and went back to this smaller one I had taken as the replacement. However....I realized the first night I went to use the smaller one (a CA thrift store purchase last December and used A Lot since then) that it had a small tear on the strap and would have probably broken if I carried it. Deep deep sigh. I do hope I can get it sewn to be usable without it looking like sh*t.

The size I'm looking for does not seem to be in fashion any more and I'm just tired of looking. Any shade of black is fine. Bah humbug, or bah handbag.


Stacy A. said...

Maureen, I have had the same problem several times. They are either too big, too small, too ugly, expensive, etc... I finally found one at Target for 15$ Small but has plenty room and pockets, brown fake leather, but they also have black. They usually have at least one similar style, you should give it a shot. Hope your doing well. Love Stacy

Dees said...

wow you are organized!and you cracked me up with your comment on the sock!thank you so much and happy monday!xoxo

Sharon said...

Bah handbag, tee hee!! That's impressive downsizing, I should take note! x

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Wow, very minimal. Something we could all aspire to ;)

Drewzel said...

OMG! Such a well organised bag, you've got it down to fine art.
I think "the perfect handbag" is my Holy Grail :P

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