Friday, February 29, 2008

This Inspiration Board

From Meet Me at Mike's ( I wonder where Mike's is.... hmmmm) The weekly This is...

Well. This is certainly a wake up call to get my act together and finish the wall for this...ok really start the wall for this concept, not for this Sunday tho. I've thought about it for a while.

Right now I have several collages that are my inspiration/reminder that I can make things ...just for the fun of it. After a lifetime being the child of a govt employee, being married to a govt employee, and then BEING a govt employee myself for 20 yrs, I'm ready to do thing

Just Because They're Fun.

The blank wall is going to be a painted with magnetic paint and then perhaps I'll put a big frame up so it looks like a board or maybe I won't. The plaster isn't too forgiving and I do like to change things about.

These three boards were a good idea, until I realized I couldn't easily get them changed because of the depth of the desk table. So most of the stuff is old...and I really don't quite see it anymore. I'm going to move the tables ...soon. ;-)

Right now the myriad blogs one can find are my biggest source of inspiration

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Kirsty said...

Blogs really are just a big inspiration board aren't they?
Brown Owls are like mature brownies. It's a little craft club in Melbourne. You can read/see more at:

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