Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On my desk...March 19

Not much.

My goal this week was to clean up, clean out, and pack the suitcases. Again. Now I have something to report for the On My Desk meme from Kirsty @ Kootoyoo. This box is the way I'm starting to feel - tidy.

What got done was -
  1. A session with a monk gave me a spiritual boost
  2. The small brunch happened, people were fed, and the cook let out a deep sigh
  3. A movie was watched - Donnie Darko- with popcorn AND ice cream. (So decadent...)
  4. The final season of The Wire was recorded - phew!
  5. The CanonPixma 160 software was reloaded, reloaded, and once more reloaded and I can now scan.
  6. Transition of winter bedding and clothes began
  7. Clothes were hung on the line for a whole day!(Spring!?!?)
  8. Loads of magazines were read and either flagged for recycling or went back to the library
  9. Information on Chicago food/restaurants was gleaned
  10. And that is why most of my desk is empty. "That's A GOOD Thing!"

    Wireless issues here at home, so maybe it's just as well Cooking My Life is taking a break and sister blog, Get in The Car will be speaking. I hope to look at all your desks along the way. Ciao!


BigCat said...

I will have to go over to your sister blog and see where you are off to. In the meantime, check out www.crumpler.com.au to see the coolest bags around.

Happy travels

Kirsty said...

It does feel good to have a tidy up. I hope you have a great trip.

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