Monday, March 31, 2008

Just need The Frame...and an Iron!

It took me a bit of time to get my Etsy/Paypal account started but I was finally Ready To Shop!! I had wanted one of my own Keep Calm... posters, SFGirl and I got it worked out, and then it arrives. Fragile. Does this mean anything any more? ?!??! Grrrrrr.

Click on the pic to see the description re what the mailcarrier said when I commented on the tube and the sticker on it.

Fragile means WHAT???

Once I get the Ikea frame it will be alright but it was the point of it all. No wonder people use UPS and FedEx...


Nan said...

I know exactly what you mean, my daughter once sent me pictures that she bought a specific photo mailer from USPS and it was printed on it that it was a photo mailer and DO NOT BEND, how was it delivered to me? Bent in half in my mail box, only to receive my 8 x 10" Christmas picture of my then 1 year old grand daughter with a giant crease down the whole length of the print. ARGH!!!!

Judy said...

Am I going to have to speak to one the "Higher-Ups" in the Postal Service????
I have the ear of the man in charge so to speak.
I love your blog and what you are doing.
More later.
El Judith

Maureen said...

And el Judith does have access to ears! ta, luv!

little red said...

I hope the poster is all right!

(I'm saving up for one in orange.)

Maureen said...

The poster is basically ok, and I hope to get the frame tomorrow. Please Ikea, have that size!!

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