Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This is...Sunday Lunch.

Oh, this is a hard one for me. I'm thinking back to childhood when Sunday meant Mass at about 10 a.m. followed by a big breakfast closer to noon. My Nana lived with us, so she was the cook and breakfast usually meant bacon and eggs for me, Nana and Mommy. Daddy didn't like bacon so he often got (ugh!) hamburger broiled in the broiler pan at the base of the gas oven, pushed down until it was dry and gray looking to me. I tried to avoid eating at the same time.

The rest of the day was full of newspaper and then Sunday ended with a supper. This was a light meal with a soup or sometimes another breakfast or waffles with S.O.S. for Daddy and just syrup for me. For the most part, Sunday was the day Nana "had off" in the kitchen.

When I married, my then dh's family was big on a full Sunday lunch. We too got into that habit when we lived in England, and on Saturdays I used to go to the market for the joint, taters and whatever veggie we would have. Brown baps too. I don't have memories of making much in the way of dessert but if I had a bought cake, it would have custard sauce to be sure. This changed as we moved from country to country and climate to climate. When one of you is working rotating shift work, one day is very much like the other.

These days, I have to laugh since I too take Sunday "off." (Well, I am a Nana too!) Sunday is the one day that we are likely to go out for lunch and make that our primary meal of the day. One of our favorites is southern Indian vegetarian buffets. We have a couple not too far away, and the lunch is often preceded by a visit to a bookstore. We come home full and happy with new books to peruse. I'll try and see what THIS Sunday brings!! (Look for me at Maureen-Get In the Car to see this Sunday's lunch along the Mediterranean.)

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