Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is...My Collection!

This week's meme comes from Hyena In Petticoats . This collection.

I used to have so many. Is that an attribute of youth or just personality? I wonder since downsizing, and having less interest in accumulations does seem to come with age. When I was a fairly young wife and mother, living in England when the US dollar was strong, I started collecting teapots. Good teapots. Bone china teapots. I was up to about 30+ and had them arranged on one kitchen wall, on shelves rawplugged into the rock hard plaster walls by my then dh. One day I came home to my lovely Nanny-ish babysitter who was all atwitter at my front door. My elder son was in nursery school so I immediately assumed something had happend to #2 son. (Do you remember the days before cell phones???) No, he was all right but...he had climbed on to the kitchen table, reached for something on one of the shelves and down the teapots tumbled.

All of them.

He was unhurt, and it was one of my first lessons in letting go of stuff. I also learned that second children are not exactly like first children. Let this be a caveat to parents contemplating child #2...

So now what do I collect? Well, I still have this collection. Cookbooks. Nearly every book on these shelves is a cookbook.

And there is the odd annex or two about the house. Well, really I don't know how many annexes there are as I just came across a hidden one this a.m.!

And then there are the cooking magazines that seem to be breeding since I no longer have any subscriptions, and then there are the folders on the 'puter. 1350 items in the folder. Do you think I can live long enough to even make a dent????

And what do YOU collect?


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Oh my........ the teapot story!

I would have cried, I think, which probably tells you that I don't have children!

I like your book nooks, they look cosy and inviting.....yum!

Leah xx

Maureen said...

Thank you was a profound lesson in values. But I still have a hard time letting go of cr*p. ;-)

starashan said...

oh no! not the TEAPOTS!! I have been a teapot collector too, but let go of a lot just through trying to downsize.

Nanna cups, btw, is just my term. It's not really their name. Just Grandma cups from long past! :P

The place in the picture is where I grew up, which is Mallacoota. It's in Victoria, Australia. If you want to see more:

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :o)

Lesley-Ann said...

That teapot story is truely scary! So glad nothing happened! Must be a mothers worst nightmare! But yes a good lesson, how great that you handled it so well... But too bad for the teapots!

I love cookbooks :) Well I love corny ones, Nigella Lawson, Jamie oliver and Roald Dahl... I really don't cook much, really not as much as you, but I love to look through them hee hee...

Have a nice day!!!

xxxxx Les

Maureen said...

Sherrin, thank you for the link. (AU is sooo big that your little town seems amazing to be just down that little road.)

Les, I love Jamie Oliver and would love to do something like he does re school lunches and helping children with nutrition (w/o them knowing it perhaps!). His video podcasts keep me from going into complete withdrawal.

Life Views and Reviews said...


Even though I knew ahead of time that all was well, my heart still leapt into my throat when I read about your son pulling the shelf with the cups down with him. OMG, so scary! I've got 9 year old twins, a 6 year old and a 1 year old. I think I get a near heart attack at least half a dozen times a day with the stuff they get up to. But my kids and my garden are what make life worth living....weeds and all :-).

I understand your blog so well as I've also lived in 3 different continents. The food, the weather and the friendships built in each are all tied up together. So I have memories, for example, not just of a particular food from my time in Berlin, but of the place, the temperature outside and the people I was with at the time. I have more cookbooks than I'll ever even hope to dent, but there's at least one "favorite" recipe in each (even if it's a recipe I've never even tried yet LOL).

I'll be looking back often to see what's new on your blog.


Maureen said...

Sherrin, thank you for your lovely comments and what a delightful flock you have! Wonderful pictures of them all, but oh have your hands and heart full, don't you. ;-) But then again, I still worry about my 40 year old, so....

It's nice to have a 'friend' across the world. Thank you!

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