Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stilll on vacation, life is still cooking

Vacations are great - if your own life is in need of one, I feel. One of the many things I've noticed since I retired is that I'm very happy in my own home, especially in the day time. I hadn't had that luxury since the end of my first marriage in 1986. To be in a home you love, a home you've created, and a home you share with someone you love...well , I hope you have some of that in your own life. I do, and I'm increasingly less interested in leaving it...for...a vacation?

Looking thru time

Travel, however, gives me a chance to see how dh and I interact and how we don't do it as well as we could some times. Our different styles of communication can lead one of us to asking a question, the other answering it, and the original questioner wondering...Did s/he have a clue what I asked?!??!? We have even used the technique of repeating each other's words to be sure that the phrase was correctly heard. Oh no, that's not it, we found! We can agree on what the words are, but we don't always agree on what they mean! But on vacation, the importance of the precise meaning seems to melt somewhat...until we are driving and navigating. Since we decided that dh is the better driver, and that I am the better navigator (He says he usually takes my directions in the car because I speak with authority!) I usually like to have dh's input on my interpretation of the map vs the place I think we are headed towards.

This trip has had some memorable occasions...driving down from Madrid and entering Estepona late in the evening. Wondering where in the H*ll the Marriott actually was! Looking at our map, our concierge's instructions, and seeing little similarity with the actual road signs. And then that absolute blank we both drew as we approached a huge traffic congested bridge in Sevilla.

But as we agree, together we make up about 75% of a good brain. And once in a while, one of us contributes abot 60 % while the other goes into brain melt down. It balances, and the lessons such as those our foreign travels give us, remind us over and over that the Joy is in the Journey. It's there, it is. We can ignore it by focusing on the destination or we can find pleasure in the unreadable maps, the frantic turns, and the views along the way. I believe vacations are just another chapter in Life School lessons. We might think we're out of school, but that's just an illusion.

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