Monday, February 4, 2008

Good Habits...where do they go

There it sits, the lonely journal. So neglected, so ignored, trying not to judge me. How many years have I been writing my 3 pages each a.m.? Since 1997, and yet...and yet there are times when the rebellious child still inside the crone says No! I don't want to! It doesn't happen often but when it does, I am always surprised to find that a week, a month, whatever time has passed and it was not a conscious thought to stop. I look back and think... How long has it been since I ???

Today I looked at that lovely red and black journal, given to me at JSJ class last year by a fellow student, and thought Ok, you've had your time out. Get going. And so I took a photo of the book with only a few pages left, checked the prior date, and sat with pen in hand to write. Clear the mind, sweep out the remnants of last night's mental and emotional dinner. Nothing brilliant gets in there but less lingers in the crevices of the brain to come popping up at various times in the day - that flotsam and jetsam that hinders a day's passage.

I also thought I'd add the little Buddha that I call Sky Buddha. He sits on my window frame and the light shines thru him. I believe that what shines in to us changes us and then it is our responsibility to reflect it back to the world. Light in, light out. May your days be light.

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