Wednesday, February 6, 2008

1 day and counting

No, it's not California Dreaming but Estepona dreaming. So despite the fact that today is Ash Wednesday, we are in a upbeat mood. Most of my check off list is done, tho it keeps getting bits added to it. Distractions abound as in an email from King Arthur inviting me to get started on Easter goodies! And the Washington Post tempts me with recipes for nougatine hearts. Sigh.

But I forge on, and the clothes get laid out, thought thru ONE more time, and the passports are checked, the books get selected, and the clock ticks on.

A bit of food has been made chez nous, and while dh had a salmon curry which was done with a bit of clean out the fridge work, it did have his salmon, caught with his big ol' hands in Alaska. Since it went from sea to flashfreeze the same day, I am willing to have mine this way...

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