Monday, January 28, 2008

Memories of Day 2 Baking Class

This class was not so long ago but somehow it seems like another lifetime. I'm glad I took notes and had a camera. It was really a worthwhile experience.

Yes, I have been fortunate to have a Community College so nearby and one that really works to get adults involved and also into specific job training. We have a Hospitality and Culinary section that has wonderful classes and prepares students for immediate jobs or for transfer into one of the $$$ 4 yr schools. I am especially blessed and I mean that word, that as a senior, I can take the classes for free. They started this over twenty years ago when 60yr olds didn’t go to school that much. We current seniors LOVE it.


The two versions of challah that were made today. We had broken into pairs and only one pair made challah and they did a fantastic job of braiding and washing…those seeds really stuck.

Two Challahs

The final breads were the Pain de Campagna that two pairs made (one round boule per person) and the MultiGrain Extraordinaire that one pair made and was formed into 6 small loaves. The boule is about 6 or 7 inches across.

MultiGrain and Pain de Campagna

One especially nice thing about this class is that it is small…only 6 students …where the classroom is designed for 16. When I took an earlier class we had 16 and it was wild.

What I have no pictures of are …the éclairs that were filled with pastry cream (OMIGOD) and then glazed with dark chocolate and drizzled with white. Let me say that if piping the chou pastry was a hoot, the piping the filling in was x-rated.

But good??? Oh dear god…I ate 4 little ones and almost went comatose. That’s why I decided to give my other six to a friend. AND, the two pair of students who didn’t make challah made cinnamon buns. I couldn’t even look at these, and gave my whole pan to my partner, taking only 4 extras to my friend. If Dick were home, I would have brought a few home but by that point I had crossed my own eating line. But those éclairs were soooo sooo good!!

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