Monday, January 28, 2008

Memories of Day 1 Baking Class

I didn’t take my camera…darn…but things go so fast that we can barely stuff the first goodie into ourselves before there’s another one.

Surprise! It's Sears

First day we made piecrust by hand…with Crisco…;-( …but I have to say, I now have the feel of the mix of flour and fat. Most of ours didn’t roll out as nice looking as our teacher’s except for one woman we swear is a ringer. Says she doesn’t bake but if not, she has the hands. Our edge pinching again resulted in some creative looking shells. They got wrapped yesterday and plunked into the huge walk in freezer to be baked as Candy Apple Pies tomorrow. Not liking apple pie, I’m not over anxious on that one.

We also made pate au chou and baked them. Another recipe that was easy to make but watching us with our piping bags was another laugh session. I wasn’t bothered because when I make them I am just as happy to plunk them down with a spoon and make plain old rounds. My partner and I had very creative shapes. Just holding the pastry bag was a learning experience for me.

Our teacher demo’d baguettes and we each took home 2 or 3. I gave two to a friend and kept one that partially became melted cheese on toast for tonight’s dinner. I am still full from the items we made today. I am carb’d out in a soothing way!

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