Monday, January 21, 2019

2019 MOC7 Days 1-3

Here they are, the first three challenges for the MOC7.  You can find more details at The-Lilypad
A challenge a day for the whole month of January and this is the 7th year but only my 3rd. The camaraderie is the best plus you get 31 layouts and learn a bunch of skills. I'm in!

Day 1. Blind Scrap

Day 2. Photograph - Shallow Depth of Field

Day 3. Grid Page

Three more tomorrow til I catch up with the 17 or 18 done so far. I like to make a small (8") size book of these pages when I'm done.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Oh my, oh my 2018 Project Life Finale

Has it really been 10 days since I posted here? Yes, it has. How the time did fly!

I did finish my 2018 Project Life but as yet have not up loaded the last two months or so to Shutterfly, nor done a cover. I have a simple idea for the cover that may or may not get done today or Saturday plus a nice piece of word art for that single page 1. Then I will be ready for the "Free Extra Pages" sale whenever that comes.

But the last two weeks. Boy it felt good to get them done! The last weeks of the year are quieter and that's good so the pages are simpler. That too is good at this time of the year.

Next week, while I hope to get back to Project Life, I'll be adding the pages I've made at The-Lilypad's MOC7 (Month Of Challenges 7). While I enjoy a challenge, doing one every day tends to  get me in what feels like a time crunch sometime. If I don't get the challenge done that day I really feel it  hanging over my head. That doesn't feel good so I do my best to check the challenge early and try to get an idea of how I'll do it at the 9am time frame which is when I like to get down to stuff on the computer.  Do you have a set time for any computer work or fun work if you aren't working outside the home? In any case, see you back her Monday with some of my layouts.

Monday, January 7, 2019

AAM Monday: Project Life Weeks 49 & 50

Back again with the tail end of 2018. Somehow it always seems so so long ago when we're actually only 6 days into 2019! I guess the mind does shut the door on the past in some way. But god willing and the creek don't rise, next Monday will finish weeks 51 and 52. We'll see!

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