Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial: Quick Brush Adjusts in PSE & CS

This one came from the Digital Scrapper and I hope to use it enough to retrain my brain. If I don't use it, boy do I forget it.btw, there are lots of great tutorials on the DS site.

With brushes, it can be a lot of fiddling and I often just use the .png for ease. But there ares shortcut keys in PSE and CS to enlarge/decrease the size and also to adjust the opacity. The shortcut keys are the same. After the shortcut key you drag left or right for size and for opacity you drag up and down. Is that not easy? Oh yeah!

Click HERE to find the original tutorials and get the exact shortcut keys for your version of either software and operating system. Ans if you want some free goodies including a great brush set, try this week's Creative Market's freebies. But each week's items are only good for that week what you see today will be gone by next week. But there will be a new set so keep checking!

Monday, June 20, 2016

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 22, finally

I knew this week would be more than two pages but until I started I wasn't sure just how many pages. Sometimes you want to tell a lot and then other times you realize there really isn't that much new to add even if it was a bit of vacation.

So in the end, four pages was just enough for me this time. That background paper? It was actually  made from  one of the set of freebies I download each week from Creative Market. I don't often use .pat files but this time I did. That was enough showing for me but it wold be a fun design for a journal card. I also used a 'non PL' template for the final page as I wanted to add journaling. The only downside is that there's not a 'plastic' stitching grid layer for the page. Oh well, everything doesn't have to match exactly.  It works for me!

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