Friday, January 20, 2017

Five on Friday: January 20 2017

1. Well for starters I am not in Washington and will do whatever I can to avoid any mention of the inaguration of that person. God help the United States of America and her people.

2. Somehow, like all things on the internet, there seems to be a way you can easily go off down a rabbit hole and be somewhere you never intended to be. I ended up on this site and found the makeup demo pretty darn good. Now she is more than 20 years younger than I am and has a face with terrific bones but still...I found it worth watching.

3. When my 1st husband and I divorced, I chose to have a percentage of his pension rather than alimony. I knew I could work and support myself but US Senate salaries did not pay me enough to pay my mortgage and contribute to my own pension. Today, the difference between my $13 drop in SocSec (Medicare increase) and the $6.77 increase in my portion of his pension is a loss of $6.23 a month. $74.76 a year

4. This is a weekend of some movie watching I think. Lately, I watched  Freeheld and Burnt. Both good in different ways. I really loved the shots of London in Burnt!


5. Books? I just finished Masie Dobbs (book 1) and The Tulip Eaters. The first was a mystery set in post WWI London. The second was a more or less current day historical fiction/mystery set in the 1980s Houston and Amsterdam with a lot about the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands in WWII.  I'm definitely going to try and track down some more of the Maisie Hobbs series.

and that's all for this Friday. Hope you have a great weekend, do something fun or just take a break from your day to day life. See you on Monday!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

TBT: We're All Doubtful About Clowns

Wy back in 2002, this little pumpkin was not so sure about the clown hired for her birthday party. It was only her 3rd birthday and it was a party with a clown, lots of people and two cakes. As the years went by, birthdays became simpler as the tend to do.

Clowns etc really sounds like a good idea when you want to make your little girl have the best party ever but some things just have to be learned. I look back on photos of my own first birthday and even in war time (WWII) it was over the top!  I wonder if birthday clowns are still hired. Only birthday girl's cousin seems to enjoy him.  Her brother, with the camo face paint, also looks dubious.

Then again, when birthday girl's father has his 3rd or 4th birthday, one of the chunky 4 year old neighborhood girls almost tipped the swing set over with her energetic swinging. Fortunately, we got her off the swing but not happily. Childhood birthday parties...all part of the parenting experience.

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