Tuesday, December 5, 2017

30 Days of Thankful Final

Yes, this is the end for this year. If you haven't ever tried this, I really suggest doing it. You don't have to do it as a digital page or any visual way at all. You can do it any time of year too. Just a paper or somewhere on line even, with a specific gratitude each day. This is all the better if you don't feel all that grateful when you start. You'll be surprised at the Attitude Adjustment you get. Give it a try!!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Friday Filled With Gratitude

Well, the month is over. I thoroughly enjoyed doing  30 Days of Thankful but still have not found my little 6x6 albums. I'll give it a couple months before I give up and buy a new one or two. I hope to do more cleaning up and out in December and January and February. As always, I'll have lots of free time in the New Year . Of course anything can change but so far it looks good for me. So onto the penultimate Gratitude post.

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