Friday, July 31, 2015

5 on Friday: July 31, 2015

1. I love Pinterest and the way you can find some of the most amazing things. I saw this drink this week,  Sekanjibin, one of those now popular drinks that are based on sweetened vinegar. Trust me, they are really refreshing.

Even better, I found a local blogger who writes about Persian food! too often when I find something about the food of Iran, it's written by someone in CA. That's a wonderful reference for a trip but not so good for me when I want local authentic ingredients Today!  Check out this article on Persian Groceries. The image is a bazaar in Iran, sadly not here in Maryland.

2.   I'm still watching a bunch of pretty good carpool on tv. Far from brain food, it's the equivalent of an hour or two of a beach read, but on tv.  "Halt and Catch Fire", "Humans", "Under the Dome." Season 3 of the latter is not as good as the first two seasons which I enjoyed on Amazon Prime which has NO commercials!! Season 3 is pushing it with a little more of the extra terrestrial thread. Not my cuppa tea.

3. There are some very good tips about using PSE brushes to 'wash out the gray' and a lot more in this video  from Digital Scrapper.

4. The cool weather, well not really cool but what I call San Diego weather, left us this week. The heat and humidity came back and there was a lot more use of air-conditioning. Plus, I left washed clothes in the washer overnight and had...that horrible stinky smell of sour clothes. Nothing to do for that but dry and rewash. The only time I've done that this summer!

5. I could be doing this but once I get on the floor, it just seems great just to take a nap. (I don't but...) But at least I know what I could do for those abs.

Have a great weekend with at least one fun thing! See you on Monday.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: 1950s Two Girls in the Summer

Me and MaryEllen. Here we are with one of the real Photo Booth images. Black and white in a metal frame. I don't know the year or the location but I suspect we are about 10 as I (the one on the right) have my hair cut from the long length it was forever.  God only knows how those bangs are that smooth since with any humidity my hair curls. Those bangs were popular in the mid50s and called Mamie Eisenhower bangs. Mamie was the wife of President Eisenhower, aka Gen. Ike Eisenhower of WWII fame. I gave those bangs up after about one summer.

MaryEllen and I were best friends through grade school and high school but pretty much lost contact with each other. At various times over the years, mostly when I was back in the US on home leave trips, we'd try and get together. Sadly, it seemed most of what we had in common was the past. But in those years of childhood she was my bestie!

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