Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Travel With Me Tuesday: Day 11 Off to Avebury and Bath

Years, decades,  ago my fiancé met me in England so we could meet up again before we got married the following year. This was, of course before the internet, cell phones and even easily made international calls, especially from his Air Force location in Turkey. I did not go to England alone but rather with my mother as chaperone. Yes, that was the old days but I might add it was also before the pill and I suspect my parents figured it was better to be safe rather than sorry.

We three did a lot of traveling in our week in England and while we drove one day from London to Bristol, we did not stop at Stonehenge along the way. Our 24 hours of car rental were one pressing reason but also we were pretty sure we'd be living in England when said fiancé was out of the Air Force.  Amazingly, in our seven later years in England we never did make it to Stonehenge and thus a bucket list item for me on this decades later trip was Avebury.

Monday, September 17, 2018

AAM Monday: Project Life Week 34

Week 34 was one of those weeks when it was hot and humid and thus very little happened. Who wants to do anything when the weather is like that other than stay in the air conditioning and wait for the cooler and drier days? I speak for myself of course but truly think we could do without August. The dog days of summer go on far too long...

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